We enjoyed making this web series for T2X a teen health literacy site.  CLUB is a humorous and educational mockumentary style, 5-episode season.  It follows a group of high school health club members as they try to increase awareness about health issues, find a place to fit in, fall in love, save their club from extinction, and much more.  Amidst the popular characters, funny story lines and great relationships, CLUB succeeds in offering real information about important health issues that affect teens. Written and directed by Kevin Blake.  Featuring students from our class at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

Since our partnership with Western Justice Center,  we have produced videos on a variety of important topics using hand-drawn animation, and stop-motion technology. Some examples include 5 Ways to De-Stress After School, The Conflict Cycle, The Iceberg Model, The 4 I’s of Oppression, Sources of Power, and more.  These videos have proven to be not only effective learning tools, but also fun to watch.

Check out Brains and Emotions, where a beekeeper and his bees discuss the layers of emotional complexity. 

We create video content to be engaging, informative and entertaining.  We tackle complex issues and offer insights into a variety of perspectives.  With a focus on conflict resolution and school safety and inclusivity, we have made videos about peer mediation, bullying, the history and meaning of hate-words, gender, how to handle conflict, bias around race, gender and sexual orientation, conflict negotiation, active listening, and so much more.  Our videos have been viewed across the United States and in over a hundred other countries. This is  What’s Behind a Door, a moving look at feeling unsafe and unwelcome at school. Written and directed by Peter Rosati.